I am fascinated by the uses of art.  My research focuses on the way its creation, reception, and appropriation help form identities. Basically, how does what we make and consume help determine how we conceive of ourselves and others? This line of inquiry separates my work from art histories that show how works were formed by their political or psychological context in that it understands art as an active agent in the construction of identity. These questions lead me to investigate a wide variety of material culture in media from oil paint to fabric to cell phone photos, though I tend to focus on European and American products from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  Theoretically, my work is informed by gender and queer theory, especially frameworks derived from Michel Foucault, as well as my background in aesthetics.  On a parallel track, my deep interest in teaching leads me to considerations how identity and the visual culture of education affect pedagogical outcomes and students’ senses of self.