This site is outdated and will be relocated to govote.umich.edu.

Turn Up Turnout is not your average student group. Started by University of Michigan professor Edie Goldenberg, TUT’s goal is to increase voter registration and voter turnout among 18- to 24-year-olds in midterm and local elections regardless of political affiliation. Our nonpartisan approach is simple:

  • Work with U of M’s Ginsberg Center to sign U of M students up on TurboVote, where they can receive:
    • help filling out voter registration forms (and paper copies sent to their door for signatures and mailing);
    • reminders of elections; and
    • help acquiring absentee ballots when needed.
  • Create and put into action a strategy to involve graduate students at U of M with our initiative, while teaching them about the importance of voting;
  • Develop and administer workshops that explain to high school- and college-aged students WHY voting is important, especially in midterm and local elections, and HOW exactly to vote; and
  • Share our strategy and workshop with universities across the state of Michigan and across the country, where other college-aged facilitators will implement them in their communities.

Browse our website to learn more about our initiatives, events, and future plans!

Want to join the movement to promote informed voting on your campus? Check out our Promote Informed Voting Flyer to learn how to do so.

Statement of Nonpartisanship

Turn Up Turnout does not support or oppose candidates for public office or take a stand for or against any political party. We encourage active and informed participation in American democracy.

Note: TUT aims to provide an atmosphere where diverse opinions can be freely shared and used to further our initiative. Therefore, TUT is open to all U of M students, regardless of age or major.