Donating to the James B. Griffin North American Range Fund

U-M’s Standard Practice Guide: “True endowment funds are those funds received from donors with the stipulation that the principal remain intact and be invested in perpetuity to produce income that is expended for the purposes specified by the donor”–in this case, the UMMAA James B. Griffin North American Range Fund. Generations will benefit from your generosity.

What You Can Do

Donate to the Coffee Cup Challenge. Your gift will help build the James B. Griffin North American Range endowmentSelect the giving level below that’s right for you.

  1. Name a Cup in honor or remembrance of UMMAA faculty, a U of M colleague, student, or visiting scholar. It will be displayed in the new Coffee Range! $100 Link to Giving page
  2. Claim a Cup for yourself marked “I took the Coffee Cup Challenge” when you add $100 to a named-cup donation. $200 Link to Giving page
  3. Sponsor someone on the committee’s Who’s Missing List, or if the name you submit has already been sponsored, allow us to apply your donation to someone on the list. Link to Giving page
  4. Do More if you have the means, because it’s the right thing to do. Link to Giving page
  5. Contact Mike Galaty, UMMAA Director at 734-764-0485 or Samantha Stears at 734-764-4762 to discuss lead donations and other giving options.

Note for cups: Named cups are limited to faculty, students, and Griffin-era visiting scholars. To make sure there is room for everyone, named-cups will not be duplicated. Your named-cup options include: putting your own name on a cup, honoring someone else by putting a name on a cup, or allowing us to remember someone from the Who’s Missing List.

Note for endowments: Thanks to anonymous lead donors, our fundraising for the James B. Griffin North American Range Fund is off to a good start, and now we’re counting on friends like you to move us forward. The larger the endowment, the greater the earnings–all of which will move us onward as leaders and best of anthropological archaeology.

Gifts of all sizes to the James B. Griffin North American Range Fund are appreciated and will be recognized. We are grateful for your generous support–thank you!

Contact the Coffee Cup Challenge Committee at