206 – Masks

In this episode, AyLaina describes the miracle of her family, past and present, and gives advice on how to hold down and advance in a job. She journeys through the multiple roles she has held as a woman, mother, daredevil, poet, wife, and formerly incarcerated person. Each has come with particular stigmas, and their intersection

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205 – Good Vibrations

In this episode, Kevin’s ambition and positive outlook shines. He talks about his lowest points, experiencing homelessness and working four jobs in a strange city. These experiences strongly informed Kevin’s entrepreneurial spirit. He walks us through his upbringing, from his fraught relationship with his parents to his struggles with ADD. Cycling in and out of

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203 – Tribe

In this episode, Alan shares his love for art with his Anishinaabe community. He describes his various encounters with the police since coming home, and talks about the joys of tinkering with his new house. A master of all trades, Alan weaves his time inside, the native community, children, his dog and the police together

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