My teaching is guided by three goals: 1) to help students understand the relationship between media and identity in a global context; 2) to provide students with a set of theoretical and methodological tools to understand the operations of the media industries and reflect on their own practices of consumption and participation; and 3) to encourage students to analyze media representations of contemporary social issues in relation to broader historical contexts.

I achieve these goals in a wide range of course types, including lecture courses, upper-level topics courses, and more specialized seminars at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Here are a few courses that I have developed and taught at the University of Michigan.

1.Media and Identity in Global Contexts (undergraduate seminar)

2. LA, Bombay Hong Kong: Media Industries in Transition (undergraduate topics course)

3. Media and Globalization (undergraduate lecture)

4. Understanding Media Industries (undergraduate lecture)

5. Citizenship after Television (undergrad seminar and graduate seminar)

6. International and Comparative Media (graduate seminar)

7. Media Audiences (graduate seminar)

[syllabi to these courses forthcoming]