Fun with Physics

On Monday, campers made color mixing wheels. By spinning their colored circles they could see the colors blend together and make new colors!

They also made pompom shooters and practiced trying to hit a target .

Finally, campers had a chance to make lego cars and try different forces to make them move. 
Tuesday, campers learned all about color! First, they made kaleidoscopes with their own patterns. 
They then got to see how color of beads change based on what light we use!
Using UV-sensitive beads they also got to see how sunscreen works. They put a bag of beads covered in sunscreen and a bag of beads without sunscreen into the sun and saw that the control beads were the only ones who changed colors. Afterwards, they got to make bracelets with the color changing beads!
Wednesday, campers learned all about energy. After learning about what energy is, they had a chance to play with toys to reinforce the ideas. 
To show the different between chemical and potential energy, campers made frogs that could actually jump!
They then learned about wind energy by making cars that could be moved by just blowing on them. 
Finally, they had the chance to make their own roller coasters!
Thursday was all about electricity so campers got the chance to design their own circuits to light up holiday lights!
They also got to make circuit bugs using an led and a watch battery!
Finally they had the chance to power a clock using just vinegar!
Friday was all about sound. Campers had the chance to make bee hummers which when spun sound exactly like bees! 
They also told secrets using just cups and string. 
Lastly, campers got to play with sound hoses which make really cool sounds using just plastic and air. 
We had fun this week and we hope your campers did too!