PARTYcle Physics Questions

We are so excited to learn about physics this week. It’s gonna be a party! Here are some questions to ask your camper throughout the week!

On Monday, we will be learning about sound and light. Ask your camper…

  • What was the difference between the light-stick that was placed in cold water vs the light stick that was placed in hot water?
  • What happened when you moved the animal silhouette closer to the light?
  • Show me your kaleidoscope

On Tuesday we will be going to the Hands-on Museum! Ask…

  • What was your favorite thing at the Hands-on Museum?

On Wednesday, we will learning about force and motion. Ask your camper…

  • How high did your alka-seltzer rocket go?
  • Show me your catapult!

On Thursday we will be learning about solar energy. We will also be visiting a lab on North Campus. Ask your camper…

  • What did you learn about in Professor Chandran’s Lab?
  • How did sunscreen affect your UV bracelet?
  • Act out some energy forms!

On Friday we will be learning about fluids! Ask..

  • Is oobleck a solid or liquid?
  • Does ivory soap float?