How to pronounce my name

Both my first and last name are very typical Afrikaans names. English speakers usually have no idea how to pronounce my name, which is not surprising given that the rules for orthography-to-pronunciation in Afrikaans are quite different from those in English. The IPA transcription for my name is [ˈɑndris kutˈsi͡ə].

For my first name, the most common mistake made by English speakers is to either place the stress on the second rather than the first syllable, or to make the vowel in the first syllable long (a result of the stress-to-weight principle, no doubt). In my last name, English speakers typically pronounce both vowels incorrectly. The orthographic sequence <oe> is always pronounced as a short [u] in Afrikaans, and not as [oɛ] as English speakers tend to pronounce it. And the orthographic sequence <ee> is always a diphthong with a schwa offglide in Afrikaans, rather that a long [i:] as English speakers tend to pronounce it.

You can listen to how I pronounce my name here.