Our Mission

Since 2016, Crossroads is dedicated to publishing undergraduate work and opinions and thoughts of the department and student body related to the discipline of anthropology. It is our goal to increase the visibility of undergraduate student work and the field of anthropology at the University of Michigan. Crossroads is a multifaceted publication that supports endeavors in all aspects of anthropology, and we seek to push the boundaries of our field.

Anthropology is an inherently broad and expansive discipline, its dominant subfields being: archaeological, biological, socio-cultural, and linguistic anthropology. We believe that anthropological study is unique in that it occurs at the crossroads of natural and social sciences. As such, the editorial board at Crossroads encourages submissions not only from courses in anthropology, but also from related disciplines, such as classics, sociology, history, area studies, gender and sexuality studies, and linguistics. The only criterion is that submissions possess a cultural and/or evolutionary theme.