Spring 2019

  • The Culture Collab attends the Seattle Asian American Film Festival 2019 to learn about how Asian Americans are represented in Asian American-made films.
  • Dr. Fryberg receives the Award for Distinguished Service to the Society at the 2019 SPSP Convention.
  • The Culture Collaboratory attends the 2019 SPSP Convention in Portland, OR.
  • The Culture Collab welcomes new lab manager, Hannah Ramil.

Talks and Posters:

  • Brady, L. M., Kitayama, S., & Chartier, C. (2019, February). The role of (cross)cultural research in robust and replicable psychological science. Roundtable on generalizability & replication.
  • Burris, I., Brady, L. M., & Fryberg, S. A. (2019, February). We shall overcome: Finding strength through adversity. Poster session.
  • Burris, I., Brady, L. M., Fryberg, S. A. (2019, February). Social class moderates effects of parent growth mindset on children’s academic outcomes. Poster session.
  • Dai, D. J., Eason, A., Fryberg, S. A. (2019, February). How stereotypes and invisibility shape bias towards Native Americans. Poster session.
  • Dai, D. J. (2019, February). #NotAllWhites: White liberals disidentify from their racial ingroup under group-image threat. Symposium.
  • Leong, S., Brady, L. M., & Shoda, Y. (2019, February). Cultural models of family: How race and generation status affect the perceived role of family in college. Poster session.
  • Yang, J. Y., Brady, L. M., & Fryberg, S. A. (2019, February). Seize the A: Interdependence explains college students’ perceived parent performance goals. Poster session.

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