Culture and Education

​In this research we seek to understand how culture influences educational attainment. Specifically, we are interested in: (1) how culture shapes individuals’ educational expectations and experiences, (2) how the cultural environment of U.S. educational systems can lead to cultural mismatches between students’ self-views and the cultural norms endorsed by U.S. higher education, and (3) the ability of culturally tailored interventions to improve academic outcomes for diverse student groups (e.g., First-generation college students, racial minority students).

Our lab is currently investigating the use of culturally minded academic interventions with teachers and school systems in the Seattle area, with the ultimate goal of creating change at the community level.

Culture and Bias

Broadly, this line of research explores cultural processes that contribute to racial bias​. In particular, we investigate multiple facets of Native American identity including: the discrimination and prejudice faced by Native people, academic belonging and performance, and the psychological invisibility of Native Americans in contemporary U.S. society.

Culture and Meaning-Making

​In this new line of research, our lab explores how culture shapes the ways in which people make meaning of adverse life experiences. We are currently exploring this question across the lifespan in studies with children and adults to understand how cultural differences can translate to psychological and behavioral differences following adverse life events.