Light pollution is unintended illumination and intensity from artificial lights, causing light trespass, glare, and sky glow.  This fundamentally alters the natural night environment, disrupting the ecosystem and inhibiting our view of the majestic night sky.  Artificial light at night (ALAN) negatively affects human health, and can even cause safety problems.

Our group raises public awareness and advocates for environmentally aware lighting in Ann Arbor and Michigan that promote human health and safety, eliminate wasted energy, and restore the ecosystem.

We are a collaboration of astronomers, bird watchers, environmentalists, academics, and Michigan residents. We are based at the University of Michigan, but our group is open to all and includes concerned citizens in Washtenaw County and elsewhere. If you are a concerned citizen, join our cause! To join Michigan Dark Skies, contact dark-sky-group-requests@umich.edu.

Not yet convinced?  These pages offer some basics.  To get started:

The International Dark Sky Association  (IDA) provides a wealth of information about light pollution and practical information about how to prevent it.