Teaching & Research


Intergroup Relations, Diverse Democracy, Social Identity
Students study and write extensively about intergroup relations, social identities, and civic engagement. I emphasize intergroup dialogue processes and multicultural teaching in my pedagogy about which I have written and spoken widely.

  • Social Justice, Identity, Diversity, and Community (Soc 105; UC 151)
  • Ethnic Identity and Intergroup Relations (Soc 412)
  • Introduction to Intergroup Relations and Conflict (Soc 189)
  • Project Community: Community Service Learning (Soc 389)

The American Jewish Community
Students explore themes of Jewish identity, intergroup and intragroup relations, assimilation and continuity, and community organization, looking at how the Jewish people struggle to maintain themselves as an ethnic/religious community in a pluralistic and democratic American society.

  • Jewish Americans: Identity and Community in a Pluralistic Society (Soc 295)
  • Sociology of the American Jewish Community (Soc 410)
  • Blacks and Jews: Dialogue on Ethnic Identity (Soc 105)
  • Jewish Identity (Soc 105)

Sociology of Education: K-12 and Higher Education
Students learn about educational theory, social stratification in education, urban education, higher education, race and affirmative action, democratic education, and efforts to reform schooling. I encourage students to work with me to model the best practices in classroom teaching and learning in my courses.

  • Sociology of Education (Soc 458)
  • Reforming Undergraduate Education (Ed 735)
  • Socio-Cultural Change and Education (Ed 565)
  • Education, Socialization and Identity (Soc 495)
  • The Art of Knowing (UC 160)

Research Interests

Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Group Relations, Intergroup Dialogue, Diversity, Social Identity, Civic Engagement, Social Justice

American Jewish Community, Ethnic and Religious Identity, Pluralism, Jewish Education, Adaptation, Assimilation, and Continuity, Intragroup Diversity and Dialogue

Higher Education, K-12, Social Stratification, Educational Reform, Democratic Education (Learning Communities, Community-Based Learning, Intergroup Dialogue), Multicultural Teaching