Currently, my research is focused on the social and policy implications of genome editing for human health and well-being. I am particularly interested in the application of critical theory to this domain and the societal equity implications of health research, innovation and policy.

My doctoral dissertation investigates public knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about several aspects of genome editing technology through qualitative studies of user reactions to web-based media and survey research.

In the future, I hope to investigate the perspectives of disease advocacy organizations and providers of in-vitro fertilization and assisted reproduction technologies to uncover which organizations are enthusiastic allies and which are skeptical detractors, which see nothing but upside in genome editing and those urging caution or concern about misplaced priorities.

Most of my published research was completed as part of two grant-funded projects with the Life Sciences and Society Program at the University of Michigan. These projects investigated public perceptions of a biobank derived from residual blood samples from Michigan’s newborn screening program. We examined some of the many fascinating ELSI issues related to biobanking in this context including: informed consent, trust and sharing of health information and differing conceptions of the common good.

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Refereed Journal Articles

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Other Publications

2014      “You Can’t Opt Out If You Don’t Know You Are In” Ann Mongoven, Sharon  Kardia, Daniel Thiel, Tevah Platt, Jodyn Platt  Letter to the editor, Re: Parental Permission for Pilot Newborn Screening Research: Guidelines From the NBSTRN, Botkin et al. on behalf of the Bioethics and Legal Work Group of the Newborn Screening Translational Research Network Pediatrics 2014; 133:2 e410-e417

Manuscripts in Preparation

Thiel D, Platt J, Platt T, Kardia SLR. “Beyond Demographics: Ideology, Privacy Concerns and Proximity as Predictors of Support and Opposition to a Population Biobank”

Thiel D “A Critical Turn for Genomics and Public Health”