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Paper Submission is closed.  See the Conference Program tab for the list of talks.

Submissions of two types are invited:

  • Reports of original results
  • Demonstrations of tools/technology

All submissions should be formatted as a full paper or a two page abstract.

In order to encourage a diversity of innovative ideas from a variety of fields, submissions may refer to work that is recently published, under review elsewhere, or in preparation, and may link to up to one publicly accessible paper for the purpose of describing the work in detail. However, in the case of an abstract, submissions will be evaluated solely on the submitted abstract, which must therefore comprise an entirely self-contained description of the work.

After review by the Program Committee, a subset of submitted papers will be invited for presentation at the conference.

Accepted submissions will be compiled into a single report which will be made available to conference participants. We emphasize that published abstracts are not intended to be considered archival publications or to preclude submission of the reported work to archival journals; however, we cannot guarantee that certain journals do not have policies precluding the publishing of extended abstracts.

Authors will not receive detailed feedback from the review process.

This year’s conference will focus on foundational issues raised by Leo Hurwicz and others including whether decentralized mechanisms can produce verifiable, secure outcomes, yet maintain privacy and fairness.  We strongly encourage papers on the following topics:
Decentralized Verification
Privacy, Security, and Trust
Mechanism Design
Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IOT)

Though the conference emphasizes mathematical models, we are open to experimental, computational, empirical, and philosophical papers.

Please contact with any questions.


Abstract submission deadline  |  Friday, January 18th, 2019 Midnight PST
Program Announcement  |   Friday, February 8, 2019.

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