Are our behaviors dictated by genes or by the environment?

Nutriepigenetics: does what we eat change our behaviors?

Our lab studies the effect of sugar on the brain; our goal is to discover how the nutrient regulation of transcription leads to increased eating and obesity. Navigate around to read more about our team, research, teaching, and outreach.

Our lab is currently recruiting postdoctoral fellows to ask how diets alters sensory and reward circuits to promote obesity.

If you are fascinated by how interactions between genes and environment change behavior, consider joining us!

Latest News

eLife Digest: When too much sugar is not enough

Get a nice overview of Dr. Christina May’s newest paper featured in this eLife Digest!  Learn about how dopamine reward signaling changes in flies on a high sugar diet in this brief piece or check out the paper here. […]

LSA News: Why We Do Science by Susan Hatton

Check out this LSA News article that highlights the various reasons science is particularly important at the time of the COVID 19 pandemic. Dr. Monica Dus talks about why she restructured her molecular genetics class to reading and criticizing preprints […]

Fat fruit flies: High-sugar diet deadens sweet tooth; promotes overeating, obesity in flies

The first paper from Monica’s lab was released 07 May 2019!  Titled “High Dietary Sugar Reshapes Sweet Taste to Promote Feeding Behavior in Drosophila melanogaster” graduate students Christina May and Anoumid Vaziri explore the changes in sweet taste neurons which […]

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