Randall 2280 (IRIS Lab) is open and operately safely!

As part of limited re-opening of research labs at the University of Michigan, following re-start of some economic activity in the state of Michigan, the IRIS lab has commenced limited operations.  All work is being done in accordance with the regulations of the Envrionmental, Health, and Safety Office of the University of Michigan.  This includes use of personal protective equipment by staff, twice daily disinfecting of equipment used, and appropriate physical distancing in the building.  For the moment, we are operating with only one staff member in the lab at a time.  We also hope to operate our Michigan Infrared Thermal Test ELT N-band (MITTEN) cryostat remotely after re-configuration this week.  Our main goal is to continue testing the Geosnap mid-infrated detector for future use in the MIRAC-5 camera destined for the 6.5 meter MMT (with the MAPS adaptive optics system) in Arizona, as well as the Magellan Clay Telescope (with MagAO) in Chile.  Below is Prof. Meyer’s health check sticker from June 4 upon entering the building, representing permission to reopen the IRIS lab.