The Gaslighting Project is a research study being conducted at the University of Michigan that aims to understand the social dynamics of gaslighting, a type of psychological manipulation used to make someone seem or feel “crazy.” 

Have you experienced gaslighting? Gaslighting — sometimes called “crazy-making” — is a type of psychological manipulation aimed at making you seem or feel “crazy,” as if you don’t understand or cannot accurately describe things that are happening to you. Gaslighting can happen in a romantic relationship, a friendship, with parents or other family members, at work, at school, in a doctor’s office, or elsewhere. This study aims to learn more about gaslighting and to educate others about the dynamics and consequences of this form of manipulation. 

If you’ve experienced gaslighting and are over 18 years old, we want to hear your story! 

We are no longer conducting interviews. We are still collecting stories, artwork, or other creative expressions about your experience with gaslighting. Click here to submit!


If you have questions or aren’t sure if you qualify for participation, please email us at gaslightingproject@gmail.com.

This study is being carried out by Paige Sweet, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan.