Graduate Students

Federica Ricci : Graduate Student

Federica Ricci

Graduate Student

Hometown: Naples, Italy

Research Interest: Investigating optical and photo-physical properties of organic and inorganic materials for optoelectronic applications using time-resolved Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope

Meghan Orr : Graduate Student

Meghan Orr

Graduate Student

Hometown: West Bloomfield, Michigan

Research Interest: Investigating photophysical properties of materials using ultrafast time resolved laser spectroscopy

Angelar K. Muthike : Graduate Student

Angelar K. Muthike

Graduate Student

Hometown: Makueni County, Kenya

Research Interest: Using time-resolved and nonlinear optical spectroscopy to investigate the structure-function relationships that affect the mechanisms and dynamics of charge and energy transfer in macromolecules for efficient optoelectronic systems

Betsy Dodgen : Graduate Student

Betsy Dodgen

Graduate Student

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Research Interest: Investigation of metal nanocluster emission mechanisms through time-resolved and nonlinear spectroscopy

Lloyd Fisher : Graduate Student

Lloyd Fisher

Graduate Student

Hometown: Albany, Georgia

Research Interest: Using nonlinear and time-resolved spectroscopy to investigate the photophysics of thermally activated delayed fluorescent (TADF) compounds and non-fullerene acceptors

Muaaz Wajahath : Graduate Student

Muaaz Wajahath

Graduate Student

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan

Research Interest: Investigation of Biophotonic Cellular Communication