Undergraduate Students

Nicole LaBine : Undergraduate Student

Nicole LaBine

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Research Interest: Bacteriochlorophyll C entangled two-photon absorption (ETPA)

Cathy Chen : Undergraduate Student

Cathy Chen

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Zhejiang, China

Research Interest: Using two-photon absorption spectroscopy to understand the charge and energy transfer properties of organic systems

Rachel Hendrian : Undergraduate Student

Rachel Hendrian

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Farmington Hills, Michigan

Research Interest: Utilization of spectroscopy to provoke cell mechanisms and intracellular signaling to further understand biological processes

Paloma Johnson : Undergraduate Student

Paloma Johnson

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota

Research Interest: Measuring photon entanglement in brain tissue for the use of future brain imaging technology

Josephine Leone : Undergraduate Student

Josephine Leone

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Birmingham, Michigan

Research Interest: The manipulation of photon exposure, through lasers, to induce cell mechanisms and intracellular signaling in order to better understand organic processes