Computational Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Many-Body Physics Group

We are the computational condensed matter physics group at the Physics department of the University of Michigan. We are part of the theoretical Condensed matter physics group at U of M, along with the groups of Kai Sun, Dominika Zgid , and Xiaoming Mao.
We work on strongly correlated quantum systems and many-body theory, using  numerical algorithms for strongly correlated many-body systems and quantum  Monte Carlo methods. A good overview of one of our research areas is given in a Nature Physics News and Views, and a Simons Foundation Awardee Spotlight introduces our research group.

Here is some information about our research, our members, and openings for graduate students and postdocs. We currently have openings both for Graduate students and Postdocs.

The group and affiliated members in fall 2016 (left to right): Igor Krivenko, Joe Kleinhenz, Emanuel Gull, Joe Paki, Qiaoyuan Dong, Markus Wallerberger, Xi Chen, Alexander Gaenko, Hanna Terletska, Sergei Iskakov and Jia Li


See the Simons foundation for more information about the Many-Electron collaboration, including a Simons Foundation Awardee Spotlight about our research group.

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