Computational Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Many-Body Physics Group

We are the computational condensed matter physics group at the Physics department of the University of Michigan. Click on our recent papers to learn more about current research directions, read popular science articles (1), (2) about our work, or find out about open PhD and postdoc positions. We are part of the Non-Equilibrium SciDAC.

The following is an overview of recent (2021/2022/2023/2024) papers. You can always find the newest papers on the arXiv and on google scholar.

Popular science outreach: Undergraduate project by Jiani Fei
The group in April 2022. Left to right: Sergei Iskakov, Thomas Blommel, Chia-Nan Yeh, Emanuel Gull, Jia Li, Yang Yu, Xinyang Dong, Runxue Yu, and Lei Zhang
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