Recommendation Letters

I am happy to write recommendation letters for students and/or lab members. The content of the letter will vary based on your class/lab involvement and may feature comments about your engagement, motivation, and skill sets.
If you would like me to write a letter, please complete the following steps:

  1. It is imperative that I have AT LEAST two weeks notice prior to a deadline. If at all possible, you should have all materials to me ONE MONTH before the first due date.
  2. Please provide the following information once I have agreed to write a letter:
    1. Where and to what are you applying (e.g., grad school, med school, summer internship, etc.)?
    2. When are the letters due?
    3. How do I submit the letters (e.g., email, mail, return to you, etc.)?
    4. How do I know you? Please be sure to list any and all work that you would like me to include in a letter. This includes any writing you have done in my class, or a summary of the projects you worked on (and your role) in the lab.
    5.  Is there anything in particular you would like me to highlight in the letter? Can I comment on something uniquely?
    6. Please also be sure to include any other relevant application materials that may assist in letter writing (e.g., resume or CV, transcripts, application essays, etc.), as well as any materials I may need to submit the letter (e.g., stamped, addressed envelopes if the letter needs to be mailed).