Michigan’s Certificate Programs

Certificates offered by the University of Michigan allow graduate students to build and demonstrate their skills in a specialized field or methodology. Beneficial for both academic and non-traditional careers, the certificate programs below focus on skills that are applicable to a wide range of career trajectories.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important issues for any organization. The Rackham DEI Professional Development Certificate is organized around a series of training and reflection opportunities designed to prepare graduate students for work in a diverse environment while fostering a climate of inclusivity.



Most humanities doctoral students graduate with teaching experience that is broadly applicable across a range of instructional, communications, and public affairs roles. Building on the requirements of the Graduate Teaching Certificate, the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching offers a Digital Media Teaching Certificate program that engages the ways “digital media shapes, facilitates, or limits the ways teachers and students access information, represent data, develop and communicate ideas, collaborate on intellectual projects, and define ‘scholarship.'”


Established in 2014, the Digital Studies Program offers a Certificate in Digital Studies. A collaborative endeavor between six LSA departments, the School of Information, and the School of Art and Design, this certificate offers students methods and tools for studying, analyzing, and critically reflecting upon their everyday engagements with electronic forms of community and culture.


The university is fortunate to have several on-campus museums providing opportunities to think about public engagement, collections management, and research in contexts inside and outside of the academy. The Museum Studies Program offers a Graduate Certificate providing doctoral students with an interdisciplinary learning environment and commitment to both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.


Language is a crucial component of many humanities fields and the Graduate Certificate in Critical Translation Studies gives program participants “a critical and theoretical understanding of the variety of principles and traditions from which various theories and practices of translation emerge.”