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People in the Lab

About Professor Hume

Richard Hume grew up in Youngstown Ohio, and Fair Lawn New Jersey

He was an undergraduate at Wesleyan University and got his PhD at Stanford University

He did his postdoctoral training at Washington University School of Medicine

He has done sabbaticals at the Salk Institute, The University of Chicago and Columbia University

He served as Director of the University of Michigan Interdepartmental Neuroscience PhD program from 1999-2003, as Chair of the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from 2003-2008 and as Director of the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience since 2013.

Current Trainees

Research Assistant

Spring (Chengang) Gao

Former PhD Students and Current Positions

Beverly Clendening, Ph.D. 1990, Professor Emeritus, Hofstra University

Steven Thomas, MD/PhD. 1991, Associate  Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Xi (Erick) Lin, Ph.D.  (Co-sponsor) 1993, Professor, Director, Hearing Research Laboratories Emory University

Hui Liu, Ph.D., 1997, (Subsequently received MBA from University of Michigan)– Chief Financial Officer, Merus B.V.

Zhen Zhou,  Ph.D. 1997, Biotechnology Company, Shanghai China

Cheryl McCullumsmith  MD/PhD 1999, Professor and Chair of Psychiatry, University of Toledo Medical School  

J. Dylan Clyne, Ph.D. 2002, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Biology, Post University, Waterbury CT

Sean Low- (Co-sponsored with John Kuwada) PhD. 2008 –Deceased- At the time of his death his title was Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biological Sciences, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Shlomo Dellal- Ph.D. 2008 Research Scientist, New York University Medical School

Rachel Tittle- Ph.D. 2008 Research Associate at Finnell Birth Defects Research Laboratory University of Texas, Austin

Sean Friday– Ph.D. 2008 Self employed

Sukanya Punthambaker Ph.D. 2012- Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School

Mingxue Gu (Co-sponsored trainee of Haoxing Xu) Ph.D.  2020 – Postdoctoral Fellow, HHMI Baylor University Medical School

Ce Wang (Co-sponsored student of Haoxing Xu) Ph.D.  2020 – Staff Scientist AbbVie

Former Postdoctoral Fellows and current positions

Marcia Honig –Professor, University of Tennessee Medical School

James Walker – Associate Professor, Purdue University

Stephen Moorman – Professor and Chair, Department of Anatomy, Tauro College of Osteopathic Medicine

John Burrill- Research scientist, Incyte Genomics

David Wells – left Assistant Professorship at Yale University to move to prep school teaching at The Doane Stuart School, Rensselaer, NY

Heejeong Kim- Research Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska

 Luciano Moffatt- Research Investigator, University of Buenos Aires

Naomi Nagaya- Research Assistant Professor, Texas A & M University

Louis St. Amant- left Assistant Professorship at University of Montreal for family reasons

Ping Li (Cosponsored trainee with Haoxing Xu)

Meiqin Hu (Cosponsored trainee with Haoxing Xu)

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