Feb 17: Cameron Cross

The Persian Roundtable Presents – میزگرد فارسی تقدیم می‌کند

Cameron Cross – کامران چلیپا

DRAGONS IN IRANIAN MYTH AND EPIC – اژدها در اسطوره و حماسه‌ی ایرانی


In this talk, I will introduce the figure of the dragon (Azi Dahaka, Azhdaha, Zahhak) as it occurs in a number of ancient and medieval Iranian sources: the Avesta, Pahlavi texts, the Shah-nama, and later epics like the Bahman-nama and Kush-nama. I’m interested in exploring how the dragon takes both physical and metaphysical forms, and how its malicious and destructive nature can at times be physically manifest in demonic figures like Kush or Zahhak, yet in other instances can seem to take the shape of heroes and paladins.

As usual, baqlava and tea will be served; students of all levels are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Friday, February 17, 2017, 4:00–5:30pm
STB 1022 (The Osterman Common Room)
202 South Thayer St / Ann Arbor, MI 48104