Katie talks about maintaining host diversity at Evolution 2019!

First thing first: Evolution was a blast.  I highly recommend anyone with an evolutionary bent to their research attends next year.

My talk was titled “How Do Sex and Migration from the Past Impact the Diversity of Resistance?”.  I went into this conference weekend with very last-minute data and a very rough presentation, but I’m pleased with what I was able to pull off.  Additionally, the audience was lovely, I got to go to dinner with colleagues I met in Switzerland, and I met another Daphnia researcher I hadn’t been acquainted with before!  The talks were plentiful and very interesting– I do wish I was more active on Twitter at that time, since it would be fun and useful to reread tweets about the talks I attended.  Next year!


I’m a bit proud of this slide, which represents the central question in my talk (by Katherine D. McLean, presented at Evolution 2019, Providence RI)