Living Lab Community Impact October 2016 to December 2016

One of the Living Lab’s main missions is to provide a welcoming space where the community and researchers can come together to learn more about science and research. Below we have provided an impact report to show the ways in which we have attempted to reach that goal. Participants refer to the volunteers who participated in our research. Educational interactions tend to be conversations between the researcher and families, where they either talk about research, the Living Lab, or science more broadly. The topics of conversation are similar with staff and volunteers, to help them get just as excited about psychology and research too!

We’re happy to report that from October 2016 to December 2016:

  • Across our three sites 404 children participated in studies
  • An additional 877 educational interactions between visitors and researchers took place (these tend to be conversations about on-going studies and/or the Living Lab Program more generally)
  • We interacted with staff/volunteers at our three sites 93 times

Since its inception in Fall 2012, we’ve had the following impact on the Ann Arbor community:

  • 10,303 participants
  • 16,751 educational interactions
  • 1,135 staff/volunteer interactions