If you prefer, you can see my CV in pdf: Luciana de Souza Leao_CV_April2022.

2022   de Souza Leão, Luciana. “Optics of the State: The Politics of Making Poverty Visible in Brazil and Mexico.” American Journal of Sociology 128 (1): 1-46. SocArXiv version here.

**Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award, ASA Sociology of Development Section

**Reinhard Bendix Student Paper Award, ASA Comparative Historical Sociology Section 

2022   Moraes Silva, Graziella, Luciana de Souza Leão, Christina Ciocca Eller, Flavio Carvalhaes and Thomas DiPrete. “Similar Gaps, Different Paths? Comparing Racial Inequalities among BA holders in Brazil and the US.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Online First.

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**Sérgio Buarque de Holanda Best Paper Prize, LASA Brazil Section

2019    de Souza Leão, Luciana and Gil Eyal. “The Rise of Randomized Controlled Trials in International Development in Historical Perspective.” Theory and Society, 48(3), 383-418.

**Honarable Mention, Star-Nelkin Article Prize, ASA Science, Knowledge, and Technology Section

Portuguese Translation, abridged: de Souza Leão, Luciana and Gil Eyal. “Em Busca do Padrão-Ouro? O Percurso Histórico do Uso de Experimentos na Avaliação de Políticas Sociais.” In Santos et al, 2022. Políticas Públicas e o Uso de Evidências no Brasil. Brasília: IPEA Editora.

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