The LSWA Arts and Literary Journal is an annual publication that seeks to encapsulate the creative spirit of each cohort of Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts students. In doing so, the journal also serves as a time capsule. Each issue encompasses what the Lloyd Scholars created while they were living and learning together in Alice Crocker Lloyd Hall on the campus of the University of Michigan.

Encompassing a wide range of voices and topics, the journal often features works in mediums such as poetry, creative fiction, creative nonfiction, playwriting, drawing, painting, photography, digital artwork, sculpture, collage, and more. With the launch of this online journal in 2020, the LSWA Arts and Literary Journal will also feature creative works in mediums such as video, animation, original music, and other less-print-friendly genres.

The journal is put together each year by a team of hardworking students in the LSWA Arts and Literary Journal Club and their mentors/advisors. These students spend the entirety of the academic  year reviewing submissions, deliberating on which submissions will be printed in the journal, and, when time allows, creating the journal itself using programs such as InDesign and Photoshop.

Of note, the LSWA Arts and Literary Journal was founded in 2004 as the LHSP Arts and Literary Journal and continued under this name until, in 2019, the program underwent a name change from the “Lloyd Hall Scholars Program” to the “Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts.” While the name of the journal has changed, the mission of the journal (and its new online presence launched in 2020) has remained the same: showcase the creativity of our students, whatever their majors and mediums of choice.