Elizabeth Yoon :

Elizabeth Yoon

Elizabeth Yoon is a rising sophomore and James B. Angell Scholar at the University of Michigan. She is a dual degree student, seeking a B.A. from LSA and a B.A. in Art & Design from the Stamps School of Art. When not writing poetry, debating politics, or reviewing books for the Michigan Daily, Elizabeth enjoys painting. 

Dawn H. Lau :

Dawn H. Lau

Dawn H. Lau is a freshman double majoring in Cognitive Science and Linguistics and minoring in Computer Science, and like everything else in her life, her works are pretty freeform-- it's mostly just a reflection of her current state of mind, and almost a way to sort herself out in the same time. If anything, she just hopes to connect with people around me in a way that normal day to day conversations wouldn't achieve.

Yoon Kim :

Yoon Kim

Yoon Kim is a rising sophomore from the suburbs of Chicago, intending to major in International Studies. She loves good food and good company.

Priscilla Kim :

Priscilla Kim

Priscilla Kim is an English and Cello Performance student who obsesses over opera, matcha lattes, and K-dramas. In her LSWA classes this year, all she ever wrote about was music because it’s the only thing she knows— but she’s working on it.

Eileen Kelly :

Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly is a freshman with plans to major in elementary education to become a teacher. She loves cats, colors, and crafting, and someday hopes to write and illustrate children's books.

Hannah Hur :

Hannah Hur

Hannah Hur is pursuing a double major in communication and media & film, television, and media. She loves to write, and her work is inspired by the emotions of daily life. 


Ena Humphries :

Ena Humphries

Ena Humphries is a prospective Organizational Studies and Environmental Studies major at the University of Michigan. Her paintings "Grump" and "Heartbroken Beauty Queen" were inspired by Pablo Picasso's use of cubism in the early 20th century. Along with painting, she enjoys watching documentaries, spending time with her cats, and feeding the local squirrels.

Alyssa Huang :

Alyssa Huang

Alyssa Huang is majoring in Art and Design, and she enjoys cats, doodling, and animation.

Kelly Goodwin :

Kelly Goodwin

Kelly Goodwin is from Southfield, MI. She is now a sophomore with a prospective Business major and a minor in Community Action and Social Change. She has always had a passion for art and animation and showcases it in this one using the “News of the World” album cover by Queen. 

Amelia Espinosa :

Amelia Espinosa

Amelia Espinosa enjoys eggs and being creative in several mediums.


Thomas ‘Trey’ Droste :

Thomas ‘Trey’ Droste

Thomas 'Trey' Droste is a Sophomore from good old Grand Rapids, Michigan studying Environmental Business Policies. When he's not busy ranting tangents on societal grievances, he can be found hanging around swimming holes, history archives, and living precariously on rusted carnival attractions! He thanks God daily for his incessant cynicism.

Caitlin Crittenden :

Caitlin Crittenden

Caitlin Crittenden is a student in the LSWA Program. She is majoring in environmental science and loves gardening. In her free time, she plays club rugby and club lacrosse. 

Matthias Claassen :

Matthias Claassen

Matthias Claassen in the college of LSA, and his major is so undecided it’s not even funny. Despite loving to write and draw, he almost never finds the motivation to do either, so he supposes his work was inspired by LSWA’s mandatory submission requirement.


Caleb PJ Bauman :

Caleb PJ Bauman

Caleb PJ Bauman likes to use his middle initials in place of his last name, not because he has anything against his last name, but mostly because he thinks it sounds cooler. It doesn't.

Paul Balko :

Paul Balko

Paul Balko is a first-year student studying architecture. He enjoyed his time in photography club and is thankful for the creative opportunities LSWA offered him. His favorite quarantine activity is trying as many  ice cream flavors as possible. 


Kendall Adams :

Kendall Adams

Kendall Adams has loved singing ever since she was young, so she enjoyed creating this video. Celine Dion's songs have always been so exquisite to her, especially "Because You Loved Me" for its emotion and affection. Its lyrics plus Celine Dion's extraordinary voice makes this song one of her favorites.

Scotty Lockwood :

Scotty Lockwood

Scotty Lockwood is a rising sophomore majoring in Theatre Arts. He is pursuing a degree in the theatre industry to one day be a director and playwright. However, Scotty also enjoys painting and writing which made his time with LSWA a memorable one. 

Alexa Martinez :

Alexa Martinez

Alexa Martinez was born and raised in Logan Square, Chicago. She is on the path of pursuing her dreams of becoming a clinical psychologist and hopefully publishing her own poetry book one day as a memoir of her life.

Maddy Mayer :

Maddy Mayer

Maddy Mayer is a freshman pursuing a dual degree in education and psychology. She plans to one day be an elementary school science teacher and complete what her biological mom hoped to do. In addition to LSWA, Maddy is an avid member of Gamma Phi Beta, CHAARG, KDP, and TEPA. 


MaKenzee Van Buren :

MaKenzee Van Buren

MaKenzee Van Buren is a freshman pursuing a degree in Sociology and Social Work. MaKenzee is especially interested in using writing and spoken word poetry as a way to connect with and learn from others. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, climbing, reading, and spending time with her loved ones.

Kayla Tate :

Kayla Tate

Kayla Tate is a lover of good books, good people, and black empowerment. Her work is inspired by all three.

Sui Lin Tam :

Sui Lin Tam

Sui Lin Tam is majoring in Percussion Performance. When she is not practicing for a competition or audition, she enjoys drawing and creating her own music to go along with her artwork. She also loves hanging out with her friends and dancing with her little sisters. 

Olivia Sulisz :

Olivia Sulisz

Olivia Sulisz is a psych major who was a part of the Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts program this past year. She is very proud of my little poem, and she’s glad that she gets to share it with you!

Edha Shirodkar :

Edha Shirodkar

Edha Shirodkar is hoping to double major in International Studies and Economics. She loves music, reading, and writing. She wants to travel the world someday.


Nellie Shih :

Nellie Shih

Nellie Shih is an electrical engineer with a STAMPS minor. Instead of wisely using her time in quarantine to learn all of calculus, she has been dedicating hours to her photography board on Pinterest. Her work can be found at

Dalia Schwarzbaum :

Dalia Schwarzbaum

Dalia Schwarzbaum is an architecture major in the Taubman College. Her creative outlets include drawing, painting, crocheting, sewing, singing, and playing the bassoon and saxophone.

Jordan Raschi :

Jordan Raschi

Jordan Raschi is from Chester County Pennsylvania. Her major is movement science, and she is on a premed track. She loves watching hockey, working out, and eating a lot of food! 

Marlana Peek :

Marlana Peek

Marlana Peek is from Jackson, Michigan. She’s in LSA and majoring in Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity. Her paintings are typically of nature and done with watercolor, gouache, or acrylic on paper. 

Nana Otaka :

Nana Otaka

Nana Otaka is pursuing a BFA in Dance with an intended second major in Psychology at the University of Michigan. Her art is inspired by stigmatized social issues and aims to ignite meaningful conversation while encouraging people to take action about the issues they care most about.

Sophia Newton :

Sophia Newton

Sophia Newton is studying mechanical engineering and has enjoyed the LSWA community for the inspiring creativity and talent of its members. She believes that the arts are an important part of making the world go round and loves to see what her peers create!

Meghana Mulpuri :

Meghana Mulpuri

Meghana Mulpuri is an undeclared major, and was a first year LSWA student. She enjoys spending time with friends, dancing, and eating Nutella


Jackson Mott :

Jackson Mott

Jackson Mott is planning on studying Sociology at the University of Michigan. His piece “Today Sucks, Tomorrow Might Not” was inspired by a suicide prevention advertisement, and the best and hardest year of his life. He enjoy being front row at concerts, South U Pizza, and telling people he loves them.

Giselle Mills :

Giselle Mills

Giselle Mills is a first-year student in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, and she has no certain plans for the future. She likes learning languages, history, and painting, and recently she has found a love for poetry.

Mara Metler :

Mara Metler

Mara Metler is from Ann Arbor and is majoring in Neuroscience. She  loves cooking and ballet.


Sinan Abdulhak :

Sinan Abdulhak

Sinan Abdulhak loves being on the move: through cities, across landscapes, and in aircraft cabins. The thrill of experiencing new things ignited his passion for documenting his adventures with his camera. Recent wildfires inspired his vector artwork, "Koala", and he hopes that you'll join the movement to Save the Koalas!

Lindsay Adams :

Lindsay Adams

Lindsay Adams is majoring in Film, Television and Media, and can often be found running around with a camera for WOLV-TV, M-Agination or Michigan Survivor. She also enjoys playing ukulele or drumset in her free time.  

Maddie Agne :

Maddie Agne

Maddie Agne is a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan and LSWA-- she hails from Tennessee and majors in Creative Writing and Literature. She didn't formally add "poet" to her repertoire until coming to Michigan, but still hopes her poetry extends a warm (or cold) welcome to readers of Pause.

Lauren Peng :

Lauren Peng

Lauren Peng is a sophomore in the college of LSA, hoping to study either international relations or public policy. She enjoys fencing, reading, gardening, and working on various projects. Living in Shanghai, China, she has picked up penpalling as a way to stay in contact with friends.

Nadine Heilman :

Nadine Heilman

Nadine Heilman is an engineering major at the University of Michigan. She enjoys drinking bubble tea while studying and drinking bubble tea while creating art. She is inspired by boba.


Caslyn Rodriguez :

Caslyn Rodriguez

Caslyn Rodriguez is a rising junior at Michigan. Her intended major is biology, with a focus on plants. She is an out-of-state student from Chicago, and she has been a member of LSWA since my Freshman year

Abby Anderson :

Abby Anderson

Abby Anderson ('23) is a musician and literature fanatic. In her free time, she loves writing music and lyrics, and for the purposes of the LSWA journal, she decided to take a shot at poetry. She is super excited that her work was chosen to be featured in the journal!
Lauren Gonzalez-Diaz :

Lauren Gonzalez-Diaz

Alok Abhilash :

Alok Abhilash

Alok Abhilash is an international student who has lived most of his life in India. He'll be graduating as part of the Class of 2023 and is currently pursuing a major in Economics. He writes poetry in his free time.  He is currently eighteen, but sadly that will change and he shall be forty soon.
Kayla Haley :

Kayla Haley

Kayla Haley is from Chicago. She plans on attending law school after undergrad. Her plan is to return to Chicago to improve the public school system, giving kids from her community better chances to attend schools like Michigan to widen their career options.
Natalie Lyijynen :

Natalie Lyijynen

Natalie Lyijynen is double majoring in Program in the Environment and Biology, Health and Society. She loves supernatural tv shows, which inspired her to write about monster theory. Her work aims to connect the sciences and arts and she plans to use these skills in the future, pursuing environmental law.

Alexis Aulepp :

Alexis Aulepp

Alexis Aulepp has been a member of the Arts and Literary Journal Club since 2016 and one of the Editors-in-Chief since 2017. A creative writer, poet, and photographer, she was honored to have her work selected for publication numerous times over her college career. A Class of 2020 graduate, she earned a BA in Communication and Media with a Sweetland Minor in Writing, but she might as well have received an honorary LHSP/LSWA degree for remaining in the program all four of her college years (first as a first-year student, then an SA, and then an RA for two years).

Jenny Boudon :

Jenny Boudon

Jen Boudon is pursuing a major in Art & Design and a minor in French Language & Culture at the University of Michigan. Their work is influenced by their multicultural background and deals with themes of post-trauma identity and self-acceptance.
Emily Buckley : Undergraduate Student

Emily Buckley

Undergraduate Student

Emily Buckley is majoring in Communication & Media and pursuing minors in writing and art and design at the University of Michigan. The inspiration for her artwork comes from music, her family, and the world around her.
Lauren Champlin :

Lauren Champlin

Lauren Champlin is majoring in English at the University of Michigan. She is from Sterling Heights, MI, and her work is mostly inspired by her late adolescence: moving away from home, growing new friendships, discovering first loves, first heartbreaks, and all of the highs and lows in between.

Nicole Choi :

Nicole Choi

Nicole Choi is majoring in Art and Design at the University of Michigan. She enjoys exploring and appreciating the fine intricacies of everyday objects and everyday life through still life and illustrations.
Madison Copley :

Madison Copley

Madison Ilyse Copley is a student at the University of Michigan and thinks her middle name sounds fancy. She currently plans to major in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience, and will hopefully figure the rest out along the way. Madison's artwork is inspired by whatever she thinks is neat at any given time.
Alejandro Derieux Cerezo :

Alejandro Derieux Cerezo

Alejandro Derieux is majoring in physics at the University of Michigan. His work is inspired by the 80 GB of music on his phone.
Reid Diamond :

Reid Diamond

Reid Diamond is a sophomore. The work is inspired by the fruitiness of a jam. The jam you spread on toast. The jam you make in the basement. Jelly.
Anthony DiBello :

Anthony DiBello

Anthony DiBello is majoring in History at the University of Michigan. As history so often involves considering perspective, Anthony wished to try to tap into the perspective of the Diag squirrels which the student body so often sees.

Amber Foster :

Amber Foster

Amber Foster is a Sophomore at the University of Michigan. After she completes her undergraduate studies, she plans to attend graduate school to become a Doctor of Occupational Therapy. She would like to thank her high school English teacher, Mrs. O'Dell, for teaching her about reverse poems and the hidden messages that they can convey.
Suzi F Garcia : LSWA Arts & Literary Journal Advisor

Suzi F Garcia

LSWA Arts & Literary Journal Advisor

Suzi F. Garcia is the student journal advisor for the Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts. She also serves as an Executive Editor for Noemi Press and a Regional Chair for CantoMundo. Her interests include poetry, reality TV, screen cultures, gender studies and more. Her debut chapbook, Dear Dorothy: A Home Grown Fairytale will be out from Skull & Wind Press in 2020. She lives in Ann Arbor with her partner and their two cats, Tiffiny and Bearclaw.
Macy Goller :

Macy Goller

Macy Goller is a sophomore studying film and theater. She writes because it’s just that fun.
Anoushka Gulati :

Anoushka Gulati

Anoushka Gulati is majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in French at the University of Michigan. Her work is inspired by nature and picturesque views around her.
Yingchao He :

Yingchao He

Yingchao He is majoring in International Studies and Asian Studies with a minor in Costume Design and Production at the University of Michigan. Her artwork is inspired by her interests in history, storytelling, and her surroundings.

Mary Hepp :

Mary Hepp

Mary Hepp is majoring in Film, Television, and Media at the University of Michigan. She enjoys nature and landscape photography, and finds joy in capturing life's important moments.
Mary Keta :

Mary Keta

Mary Keta is a Computer Science Engineering major at the University of Michigan. She’s been playing guitar and writing music since the second grade, and she hopes to release an album someday. Her work is inspired by bands like Panic! at the Disco, and she aims to create music that a wide variety of people can enjoy and relate to.
Grace Ma :

Grace Ma

Grace Ma is majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Art and Design. She strives to combine these two fields to create interesting and interactive pieces.
Ekaterina Makhnina :

Ekaterina Makhnina

Ekaterina Makhnina is majoring in Linguistics and Cognitive Science. She enjoys making art, especially portraits, and likes experimenting with different mediums.

Lilly Nunn :

Lilly Nunn

Lilly Nunn is a sophomore studying EEB at the University of Michigan.
Stacey Parker : LSWA Student Services Assistant

Stacey Parker

LSWA Student Services Assistant

Stacey Parker is thrilled to be serving as the Student Services Assistant for the Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts. She enjoys working in higher ed and the opportunities in which to help build community, dream about the possibilities, and experience growth. Before plugging in here at Michigan, Stacey worked in higher ed in Alaska, Missouri, and California. She also enjoys freelance copyediting and serving in the community. Stacey loves spending time with her husband and her pugs, Duke and Chewy, watching movies, reading, traveling, and sending real mail to her family and friends.
Dana Pierangeli :

Dana Pierangeli

Dana Pierangeli is a Sophomore double majoring in Theatre Arts in the School of Music, Theatre, & Dance and English in LSA. Her photographs were taken at some beautiful ruins she visited in Italy.
Sydney Pilut :

Sydney Pilut

Sydney Pilut is an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. This poem is dedicated to her sisters, Jordan and Victoria, who are always there to talk when she needs.
Morgan Rubino :

Morgan Rubino

Morgan Rubino is majoring in Communication and Media and minoring in Writing and Business at the University of Michigan. She thoroughly enjoyed her time on the editorial team of the journal and is so proud of what her fellow students have created.

Deena Sukhon :

Deena Sukhon

Deena Sukhon is majoring in Neuroscience at University of Michigan. She is inspired by adventure and friends/family. She loves to learn and is always willfully excited to try new things!

Thomas Wiaduck :

Thomas Wiaduck

Tommy Wiaduck is an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan who is very undecided in what he wants to study. His work is inspired by the day-to-day happenings and people in his life. In the future, Tommy hopes to continue his work and craft as a writer in his free time.
Aubrianna Wickings :

Aubrianna Wickings

Aubrianna Wickings is a rising Senior at the University of Michigan, majoring in English with a focus on Children's Literature and Children's Law. She's inspired by her six younger siblings, her passion for prison reform, her passion for children's advocacy, and her love for language equity. She believes everyone has a voice worth listening to and a story worth telling.

Teuta Zeneli :

Teuta Zeneli

Teuta Zeneli is majoring in International Studies. She draws inspiration for her work by conjuring whatever crisis is currently ruining her life and using it as fuel for poetry.
Melissa Zhang :

Melissa Zhang

Melissa Zhang is majoring in Information Studies and minoring in History at the University of Michigan. Her work is inspired by her family and the natural environment.