Mission Statement

MAPS strives to build strong relationships between mentors and mentees, providing an informal and accessible source of information and guidance for undergraduates.  Mentees can speak to their mentors about research interests, coursework difficulties, career options in psychology, graduate school applications, or any number of other possible issues.  A MAPS mentor is not a therapist or a counselor, but rather a caring source of guidance and tailored support for undergraduates who are exploring their options for the future.  Above all, MAPS mentors are committed to providing undergraduates with the tools through which they might achieve success in the classroom, in graduate school, in their careers, and wherever else their love of psychology takes them.  If you’re feeling lost, a little information and support could make all the difference, and MAPS is ready to point you in the right direction.

MAPS is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students in psychology by fostering quality mentorship relationships between one graduate students and up to four undergraduate mentees.  These relationships will promote, support and sponsor efforts to enrich psychology students’ academic and professional lives around four central goals:

(1) To promote a more personalized and guided academic experience for psychology undergraduate students by facilitating undergraduate-graduate student mentorships.

(2) To provide graduate students with professional development around the issue of mentoring, including mentorship education, training and experience.

(3) To encourage mutually beneficial research relationships between graduate and  undergraduate students.

(4) To strengthen the rigor of the University of Michigan Department of Psychology’s academic programming by promoting an integrated undergraduate – graduate student community of scholars engaged in the exploration of issues in the field of psychology.