Steering Committee


Madison Fansher :

Madison Fansher

Madison received her bachelor's degrees in Brain and Behavioral Sciences from Purdue University before beginning her Ph.D. in the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience area of the Psychology department. Her research focuses on applications of cognitive psychology research to improving education.

Lindzey Hoover :

Lindzey Hoover

Lindzey earned her B.S. in Psychology at Eureka College in the spring of 2016. She is currently a second year graduate student in Clinical Science. She is interested in how reward processes impact the development and treatment of food addiction. Her other interests include how risk factors, protective factors, and family history of addiction influence variations in the development of addiction.

Nia Nickerson :

Nia Nickerson

Nia Nickerson is interested in factors influencing and supporting early academic performance of minority and immigrant children. Nia's research seeks to better understand the relationship between contextual factors, brain development, cognitive development, and academic success, more specifically literacy development.

Nadia Vossoughi :

Nadia Vossoughi

Nadia received her B.A. in Psychology and Sociology at the University of Kansas. She is now a third-year graduate student in the Social Psychology Program at the University of Michigan. Nadia’s research focuses on people’s attitudes towards individuals with multiple group memberships and how individuals with multigroup memberships think about their own identity.