Row 1: Michael Riehs, Kwan Leung, Yingshuo Liu, Lesley Escobar, Robert Bonsall, Weixuan Nie
Row 2: William Dean, Ziqiao Xu, Taylor Soucy, Samuel Michaud, Matthew Kastelic
Row 3: Jeremy Kallick, Kevin Rivera Cruz, Drew Tarnopol
Row 4: Prof. Charles C. L. McCrory

Recent News

Congratulations to Kwan Leung and Yingshuo Liu on their successful dissertation defenses!  These are the first two Ph.D. students to graduate from the McCrory Lab!

Our article “Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction by Cobalt Bis(pyridylmonoimine) Complexes: Effect of Ligand Flexibility on Catalytic Activity” has been accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis.  Congrats Weixuan, Ammar, and the other co-authors!

We welcome rotation student Pui Man (Audrey) Cheung (B.S. Western Washington University)!

We welcome University of Michigan undergraduate researchers Michaela Barber, Jonah Eisenberg, and Jordan Hinkley!

Our article “Effect and Prevention of Trace Ag+ Contamination from Ag/AgCl Reference Electrodes on CO2 Reduction Product Distributions at Polycrystalline Copper Electrodes” has been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Energy Materials.  Congrats Kwan!

We welcome rotation student Henry Wu (B.S. Portland State University).

Congratulations to Kwan Leung for winning a Karle Symposium Poster Travel Award!

Congratulations to Yingshuo Liu on being awarded a Rackham One-Term Dissertation Fellowship!

Our invited mini review “Controlled Substrate Transport to Electrocatalyst Active Sites for Enhanced Selectivity in the Carbon Dioxide Reduction Reaction” has been published in Comments on Inorganic Chemistry.  Congrats Yingshuo, Kwan, Sam, and Taylor!

We welcome rotation student Kevin Rivera Cruz (B.S. University of Puerto Rico, Cayey).

Congratulations to Yingshuo Liu on being awarded the Robert W. Parry Award for excellence in research in inorganic chemistry!

Congratulations to Kwan Leung on being awarded the Florence Fenwick Outstanding Student Instructor Award for her contributions to general chemistry instruction!

Our article “Modulating the Mechanism of Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction by Cobalt Phthalocyanine through Polymer Coordination and Encapsulation” has been accepted for publication in Nature Communications.  Congrats Yingshuo!

Congratulations to Ammar Ibrahim and Michael Riehs for being recognized by the UM Chemistry Department and the American Chemical Society with undergraduate research awards.  Ammar was awarded the ACS Physical Chemistry Award, and Michael was awarded the ACS Inorganic Chemistry Award.

Congratulations to Ammar Ibrahim for graduating from the University of Michigan.  Good luck with your graduate studies in chemistry at Caltech.

Congratulations to our undergraduate researchers for earning summer research awards! Lesley Escobar, Michael Riehs, and Drew Tarnopol were awarded SURP fellowships.  We are so excited to have them working in the lab this summer!

We are very excited to be awarded the 2019 Cottrell Scholars Award from the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement for our work on “Selective Electrocatalysis by Polymer-Encapsulated Catalysts: the Role of Charge and Substrate Transport on Catalytic Efficiency.”

We welcome University of Michigan undergraduate researcher Drew Tarnopol!

We welcome rotation student Lloyd Fisher (B.S. Mercer University)!

Lei Pan (B.S. Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and Ziqiao Xu (B.S. Ohio University) have joined the lab as Master’s students.  Congratulations!