Lab Personnel and Contacts

In  September 2018, Angela Dial joined the department to run MEAL as the Lab Manager. Angela received her Ph.D. on ‘The Magnesium isotopic composition of Cenozoic seawater’ from Florida State University with Bill Landing. There she had responsibility for both the Q-ICP-MS and the multi-collector ICP-MS, analyzing the elemental and isotopic composition of elements in a range of biological to inorganic materials. From Florida, Angela moved to Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory to manage the ICP-MS in the Biology- and Paleo-Environment research group.

Michigan Elemental Analysis Lab Manager: Dr. Angela Dial
U-M Work Phone: 734-764-1435

Campus Office: 3509 North University Building
Campus Mail:
LSA Earth & Environmental Sci.
1100 N University Ave RM 2534
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1005

Michigan Elemental Analysis Lab Director: Professor Ingrid Hendy
U-M Work Phone: 734-615-6892
Campus Office: 3500 North University Building

Sample analysis:
If you are interested in having samples analyzed for a class or a research project, please contact Angela Dial ( ). The following rates are for internal users within the University of Michigan. External rates are an additional 30%. For ICP-MS analysis, there is a 10 sample minimum per analysis.

Service Rate
ICP-MS Full Service* $23 per sample
ICP-MS Expert User** $16 per sample
Assistance Only*** $58 per hour

* Full Service: Lab manager performs the complete analysis or trains a user to become an Expert User
**  Expert User: The user performs the analysis independently
*** Assistance Only: Lab manager performs sample preparation, trains a student on sample preparation, or assists with sample preparation method development.

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