We now have active collaborations with a number of research groups both on and off campus. These include:

Dr. Robert Bartlett, U of M Medical School; co-investigator on use of NO release chemistries for extracorporeal circuit and catheter biomedical applications.

-Dr. Chuanwu Xi, U of M School of Public Health; co-investigator on use of NO release polymers for antimicrobial/anti-biofilm applications.

-Dr. Nicolai Lehnert, U of M Department of Chemistry; preparation and characterization of Cu(II)-ligand complexes that can serve as catalysts for electrochemical reduction of nitrite ions (NO2) to nitric oxide (NO).

Dr. Marc Hershenson, U of M Department of Pediatrics and Infectious Disease; studies on nitric oxide releasing/generating formulations for applications in treating/preventing chronic respiratory infections, including sinusitis.

-Dr. Mark Zacharek, U of M Department of Otorhinolaryngology; studies on characterizing NO release/generating formulations for treating/preventing chronic sinusitis.

Dr. Stanley Stachelek, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Cardiology; examining the utility of combining immobilized CD47 (so-called “Self” protein) with NO release to create more biocompatible intravascular chemical sensors.

-Dr. Chris Siellecki, Penn State Medical College, Departments of Surgery and Bioengineering; application of NO release in combination with patterned polymeric surfaces to create antimicrobial and nonthrombogenic surfaces.