Packing Tips

moving2The below instructions for packing boxes and moving furniture will help reduce the possibility of items being lost or damaged during your move.

* Important– Pack crates while they are sitting on the provided dollies. Stack no more than four high.
* Pack crates/boxes so that they can be closed.
* Labeling all boxes/crates is a necessity!  Clearly label all boxes with a black marker on both sides (do not just label the top) of the box/crate with the room number they are being moved to.  Everything must be labeled!
* Boxed Books must be labeled BOOKS
* Fragile items must be labeled FRAGILE
* Phone/keyboard/mouse/speakers mark as that so you can clearly find this box first.

We strongly recommend that you put your phone, keyboard, mouse and speakers in one box and label with not only the room number but contents so you can quickly access all.

  • The department will be responsible for setting up a sequence priority list for moving rooms.  This list will be given to the movers.-Generally speaking, the administrative offices and the Chair move first.
  • A diagram of the new office that shows locations for furnishings will be needed at the destination point.  It can be taped to the outside of the door.
  • Upon completion of the move, we will pick up the boxes/crates. Please have the boxes broken down, flattened. Crates must be returned clean.
  • Non University property is not covered by University insurance.  It is recommended that anything personal, of value, be moved by the owner.