MSPICED Team 2019


Applications are closed for the summer of 2019. Please check back in early January 2020!

We train motivated students to participate first hand in developmental psychological research. Our research aims to understand the cognitive and social foundation of young children’s behavior, including how children think about the minds of others, how they cooperate, acquire language, and how language shapes their thinking. We invite both UM and non-UM students to apply!

Our summer internship program lasts 10 weeks, from June 3 to August 9, 2019. Interns are paired with a graduate student or postdoctoral mentor to work on cutting-edge research (see Researchers). Interns gain experience and exposure to a variety of research activities, including: conducting experimental studies with children; data analysis using advanced video coding technology and statistical software; recruiting and scheduling child participants and their families; and aiding in the development of research design. We offer an introduction to developmental neuroscience using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) and hands-on training for conducting statistical analyses.

In addition to participating in research, interns will participate in weekly lab meetings and reading groups. This gives everyone a chance to learn more about current developments in psychological research and provide feedback on ongoing projects. The program includes sessions on professional development, such as paths towards graduate school and advice on how to write research statements. Interns will also participate in several social events aimed to foster relationships among interns and members of the Psychology Department, including giving a poster presentation.

This is a cooperation of four laboratories by Dr. Susan Gelman, Dr. Ioulia Kovelman, Dr. Felix Warneken, and Dr. Henry Wellman. To learn more about our research, please click the links below:

Gelman Lab                  Kovelman Lab                   Warneken Lab                  Wellman Lab               


For questions, please send us an email at MSPICED-admin@umich.edu

An interest in psychology and working with children is essential, and previous experience is a plus. We offer half-time (20 hours a week) and full-time internships (40 hours a week). Some funding is available, especially for qualified underrepresented students. Applicants who come from an educational, cultural, or geographic background that is underrepresented in graduate study in their discipline in the United States or at the University of Michigan, should identify as such on the application form and view our posting with the Institute for Broadening Participation, found here. Students from the University of Michigan can find intramural funding options at LSA Opportunity Hub & Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships- Summer Funding.