Software and Datafiles

Frequency Analysis and Frequency Mapping Code

These programs were written by Monica Valluri in 1997-98 and revised in 2009-2019. They are distributed without any guarantees. Please email me if you have questions:  mvalluri at umich dot edu. The improvements and developments of this code from 2009-2019 were supported by NSF AST-0908346, NSF AST-1515001, HST-AR-13890.001.

In 2018-19 with the help of Dr. Charles Antonelli (U Michigan) we replaced all proprietary NAG library routines with publicly available Fortran and/or C routines. The new distribution that is available from the public BitBucket site below, also include routines for orbit classification. The orbit classification routines are tailored for orbits in barred spiral galaxies and are based on the scheme described in the appendix of Valluri et al. 2016.  They will also work for triaxial  elliptical galaxies but note that the labels for orbit types are the ones often used for bars (although as discussed in Valluri +2016, orbits in bars and triaxial ellipticals are essentially the same). The software also includes Fortran programs I have used to make frequency maps. The plotting routines need PGPLOT and X11 libraries which will need to be installed if the user wishes to use these programs. The /docs/ directory contains installation instructions as well as documentation on how to use the code. The /Examples/ directory includes some scripts to example of how to run the code on a set of orbits (which are also in the examples directory). 

This code is provide without any guarantees and you are free to use it and edit is as you consider necessary. The author requests that you please cite these papers if you use any part of this code.

Valluri & Merritt 1998, ApJ, 506, 686
Valluri & Merritt 1999, ASP Conf. Series # 182, p. 178
Valluri et al. 2010, MNRAS, 403, 525
Valluri et al. 2016, ApJ., 818, 141

Bitbucket clone command for downloading code: copy everything between ” ” on the line below in a Linux/Unix terminal on your computer and hit return.

“git clone”

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