Published Papers

  • Eckner, J. T., Rettman, A., Narisetty, N.N., Greer, J., Moore, B., Brimacombe, S., He, X., Broglio, S. P.  Stability of an ERP-Based Measure of Brain Network Activation in Athletes: A New Electrophysiological Assessment Tool for Concussion. To appear in Brain Injury 
  • Broglio, S.P., Pettman, A., Greer, J., Brimacombe, S., Moore, B., Narisetty, N.N., He, X., Eckner, J.T. Investigating a Novel Measure of Brain Networking following Sport Concussion. To appear in International Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Narisetty, N.N., Nair, V.N. (2015), Extremal Notion of Depth and Central Regions for Functional Data. To appear in Journal of the American Statistical Association (Theory & Methods) (Winner of Nonparametric Statistics Student Paper Award); Click to Download
  • Narisetty, N.N., He, X. (2015), Discussion of “Multivariate Functional Outlier Detection”.  Statistical Methods and Applications 24 (2) 209-216; Click to Download
  • Narisetty, N.N., He, X. (2014), Bayesian Variable Selection with Shrinking and Diffusing Priors.
    The Annals of Statistics 42 (2), 789-817
    (Winner of Statistical Learning and Data Mining Student Paper Award); Click to D
  • Tait, A.R., Lewis, T.V., Nair,V.N., Narisetty, N.N., Malviya, S., Fagerlin, A. (2013), Informing the Uninformed: Optimizing the Consent Message Using a Fractional Factorial Design. JAMA Pediatrics 1-7; Click to Read
  • An, L.C., Demers, M., Kirch,M.A., Considine-Dunn S., Nair, V.N., Dasgupta, K., Narisetty, N.N., Resnicow, K.,  Ahluwalia,J. (2013), A Randomized Trial of an Avatar-Hosted Multiple Behavior Change Intervention for Young Adult Smokers. JNCI Monographs 209-21; Click to Read

Submitted Papers

  • Narisetty, N.N., Shen, J., He, X.  A Scalable and Consistent Variable Selection Method for High Dimensional Logistic Regression. Submitted
  • He, F., Posselt, D.J., Narisetty, N.N., Zarzycki, C.M., Nair, V.N., Sensitivities of the AGCM-Simulated Tropical Cyclones to Varying Initial Conditions. Submitted

Papers in Preparation

  • Narisetty, N.N., He, X. High Dimensional Variable Selection for Censored Quantile Regression with Non-convexity.
  • Zhang, Z., Narisetty, N.N., Nair. V,N., Zhu, J. Expanded Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines.
  • Narisetty, N.N., Mukherjee, B. Identification of Non-linear Interaction Effects between Environmental
  • Yang, X., Narisetty, N.N., He, X. Efficient Imputation for Missing Data using Quantile Autoregressive Time Series Models.