Welcome to the Pecoraro Lab! Our research at the University of Michigan focuses on inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry. We are interested in the development and design of Metallacrowns and Metallopeptides with novel and innovative applications.

Group News

August 2023: New Postdoctoral Researchers Joining the Pecoraro Lab!

We are pleased to introduce two new additions to the Pecoraro Lab at the University of Michigan, Department of Chemistry:
Salvatore‘s research will focus on artificial metalloenzymes, with the aim to engineer them with new functions, while Soroush, whose expertise lies in the field of lanthanide coordination chemistry, aims to uncover valuable insights into the properties and potential applications of Metallacrowns.

Our latest Metallacrown paper on solution structure of paramagnetic Ln(III)/Ga(III) is out. Read in Inorg. Chem.!

Insights on the Structure in Solution of Paramagnetic LnIII/GaIII 12-Metallacrown-4 Complexes Using 1D 1H NMR and Model Structures


Our paper on Photophysical Properties of Zn16 type mixed-ligand Metallacrowns is out. Read in Chemistry, a European Journal!

Lower Energy Excitation of Water Soluble Near‐Infrared Emitting Mixed‐Ligand Metallacrowns

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Bernadette defended her dissertation!

Congratulations to Dr. Bernadette Schneider on successfully defending her dissertation.


Our latest Metallacrown paper on two types of 3d-4f metallacrowns with the potential to be magnetocoolent properties. Read in Polyhedron!

Identification of slow magnetic relaxation and magnetocoolant capabilities of heterobimetallic lanthanide-manganese metallacrown-like compounds


Our latest Metallacrown paper on two GdIIIFeIIII4 metallacrown scaffolds analyzed for their magnetic properties. Read in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers!

Magnetic properties of two GdIIIFeIII4 metallacrowns and strategies for optimizing the magnetocaloric effect of this topology


Our latest Metallopeptide paper on the design of an electron transfer chain incorporated into a de novo protein scaffold capable of photoinduced intramolecular electron transfer between a photoredox unit and a FeIIS4 site.

Enhanced Photoinduced Electron Transfer Through a Tyrosine Relay in a De Novo Designed Protein Scaffold Bearing a Photoredox Unit and a FeIIS4 Site

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