Professor Vincent L. Pecoraro

Dr. Vicent L. Pecoraro is the John T. Groves Collegiate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan. He is an expert in bioinorganic and supramolecular chemistries, having made substantive contributions to the understanding of photosynthetic water oxidation and vanadium biochemistry. In recent years he has been a leader in the field of metallaproptein desing and development of metallacrowns as biomolecular imaging agents. He served as an Associate Editor for Inorganic Chemistry for over 20 year and is a fellow of both the ACS and AAAS.


Metallopeptide Project

Audrey Tolbert 
| PhD Candidate | E-mail

Undergraduate Institution: Bucknell University
Research Interests: Three stranded coiled-coil heterotrimers.
Winston Pitts 
| PhD Student | E-mail

Undergraduate Institution: The University of Mississippi
Research Interests: Synthetic bioinorganic chemistry with non-coded amino acids.

Metallacrown Project

Beatriz Lopez Bermudez
 | PhD Candidate | E-mail

Undergraduate Institution: University of Southern California
Research Interests: Synthesis and characterization of luminescent dendrimeric metallacrowns.
Bernadette Schneider
| PhD Candidate | E-mail

Undergraduate Institution: Oberlin College
Research Interests: Clickable Metallacrowns for catalytic functions.
Elvin Salerno
(NSF Fellow)| PhD Candidate E-mail

Undergraduate Institution: Wichita State University
Research Interests: Magnetic and luminescent behavior of metallacrowns.


Anshul Puli 
| Undergraduate Student | E-mail
Research Interests: Functionalizing metallacrowns using CuAAC with biotin.
Shuri Francis
| Undergraduate Student E-mail
Major: Chemistry
Research Interests: Three stranded coiled-coil heterotrimers.

Former Members

Graduated PhD Students (by project)

Metallopeptide Project

Metallacrown Project

Vanadium Project

Manganese Project

Metallopeptide Precursor Project

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Metallopeptide Project, current position:

  • Dr. Tyler Pinter, postdoc, Duke University, NC
  • Dr. Karl Koebke, postdoc, University of Michigan, MI
  • Dr. Kosh Neupane, Manager R&D, Bachem America
  • Dr. Kimber Clark-Baldwin, Research Scientist, Univ. Cincinnati Medical School.
  • Dr. Carol M. Gorst, Application Scientist at MSI.
  • Dr. Wojciech Lesniak, Research Associate, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Department of Radiation Medicine.
  • Dr. Kyung Hoon Lee, Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama.
  • Dr. Marek Luczkowski, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Wroclaw, Poland .
  • Dr. Olga Iranzo, Research Scientist, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Peptide design Division, Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica e Biologica Av. da Republica Estacao Agronomica Nacional (EAN).
  • Dr. Anna Peacock, Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Birmingham,UK.

Vanadium Project, current position:

Metallopeptide Project Precursor, current position:

  • Joel Galang (MS).
  • Susan L. Heilman (MS).
  • Jan Kosinski (MS).
  • Dr. Ryan Fields (BS), M.D.
  • Kirk Jobe (BS Honors), M.D.
  • Nzinga Harris (REU).
  • Dr. Chris Cabello (Graduate Student), University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry Program.
  • Dr. Debbie Touw (Graduate Student), Post Doc, Program in Molecular Medicine, University of Massachussetts Medical School.

Manganese Project, current position:

Gentamicin Project, current position:

  • Dr. Wojciech Lesniak,Research Associate, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Department of Radiation Medicine.

Visiting Scholars, Master Students, and Undergraduate Students

  • Professor Charles A. Root (visiting faculty), Professor Emeritus, Bucknell University. – Vanadium Project
  • Dr. T. M. Rajendiran (Visiting Scholar), Post Doc, University of Michigan, Medical School. – Manganese Project
  • Dr. Sylvia Daunert (MS), Professor, University of Kentucky, Lexington– Manganese Project
  • Subhashis Biswas (MS) Graduate Student, University of Michigan, Geology. – Manganese Project
  • Amy Wu (M.S.) Medical Student, Wayne State University Medical School. – Manganese Project
  • Dr. Darryl Boyd (BS), Post Doc, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC. – Metallaocrown Project
  • Joseph Grant (BS), Senior Chemist, The Dow Chemical Company, Collegeville, PA. – Metallacrown Project
  • Dr. Jason Walter Kieltyka (BS), Post Doc, University of Michigan. – Vanadium Project
  • Roneil Malkani (BS), M.D. – Vanadium Project
  • Daniel Stein. – Vanadium Project
  • Mike Baker (BS). – Manganese Project
  • Ira Finkelstein (BS). – Manganese Project
  • Tim Machonkin (BS Honors), Assistant Professor, University of Rochester. – Manganese Project
  • Joel McGorman (BS), M.D. – Manganese Project
  • Stephen Bensiek (Bielfeld, Germnay), Graduate Student, University of Bielefeld. – Manganese Project
  • Anke Askenas (Bielefeld, Germany). – Manganese Project
  • Kristen Balchus (summer student). – Manganese Project
  • Michael Triller (Muenster, Germany). Research Scientist, BASF. – Manganese Project
  • Nicole Redding (Muenster, Germany). – Manganese Project
  • Michael Mccormick (BS) Graduate Student, M.I.T., Chemistry. – Manganese Project
  • Mary Taylor (B.S.), M.D. – Metallopeptide Precursor Project

Research Collaborators