Graduate Student Applicants

If you are interested in joining the Pecoraro group as a future graduate student, directly apply to the Chemistry, Chemical Biology, or Biophysics doctoral programs at the University of Michigan.

Foreign exchange students interested in completing a Bachelor or Master thesis project in the Pecoraro group are welcome to contact us via email.


Postdoctoral Fellow Applicants

There are currently no funded postdoc position available. However, self-funded individuals are welcome to contact the Pecoraro group via email.


Undergraduate Student Applicants

We encourage undergraduate students seeking research opportunities to contact us via email to set an appointment with Prof. Pecoraro.


Laboratory Contact Info

Postal address:

Willard Henry Dow Laboratory
University of Michigan
930 N University Ave, Room 3823
Ann Arbor, 48109

Office phone number:

+1 (734) 763-1519


Laboratory rooms:

CHEM 3713 – 3731