Research in the Petersen Group (SCIPP Lab) focuses on reconstructing past climate using geochemical tools, in particular, stable and clumped isotopes of carbonate fossils. We have ongoing projects focusing on reconstructing climate in the Cretaceous, Miocene, Pleistocene and other time periods, looking at how climate has changed on million-year down to sub-annual timescales. Check out our Research page for more details.


Interested in joining the Petersen Group?
We will be recruiting new graduate students for enrollment in Fall 2021. We will consider excellent candidates for both the MS and PhD programs.


Graduate: Applications to UM Earth and Environmental Sciences Department graduate program (Masters and PhD) are typically due in January to begin the following fall semester. Contact Dr. Petersen if you are interested in applying. Please include your CV and unofficial transcript with your email. More info can be found here about the admissions process.
Undergraduate: The SCIPP lab has traditionally had a number of undergraduates working in our lab (see People), recruited either directly or through the UROP program. We will begin considering new students in Fall 2020. Contact Dr. Petersen if you are interested in working in our group.