Thermokarst impacted lake

Jason Dobkowski describes the impact of a thermokarst slump on Wolverine Lake located in the Alaskan Arctic.

Thermokarst feature

Hear Alex Huryn, a stream ecologist at the University of Alabama, describe a thermokarst feature we sampled in the spring of 2011 in the Alaskan Arctic. Or check out the view flying over this dramatic thermokarst we sampled in 2012.

Sampling an arctic river

Want to know what it is like to sample an arctic river, along its 350 km transect (217 miles) from its headwaters in the Brooks Range to its mouth at the Arctic Ocean?

Midnight sun

The sun never sets on solstice at Toolik Lake, Alaskan Arctic, June 2013:

Aqualog “infomercial”

Here is an “infomercial” about working with the Aqualog in the field, made by Brittany Papworth and Jason Dobkowski.