PolarTREC teacher Bruce Taterka in the field.

Our goal is to inspire young scientists to discover and apply solutions to climate change and other major science and technology challenges of our time. We work with education partners to develop a curriculum in earth and environmental science integrated with aquatic geochemistry research, grounded in core education principles, and mapped to assessment goals from the NRC Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS 2013). Education partners include PolarTREC, an NSF funded program to engage K-12 teachers in cutting edge science on climate change in the Arctic as the means to achieve learning goals in the NGSS, the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT).

Through the PolarTREC program, we are working with Mr. Bruce Taterka, NJ high school environmental science teacher. Bruce joined us for field work at Toolik Field Station in the summer of 2013, gaining front-line research experience working with PIs and undergraduate and graduate students. Bruce has created an expedition journal with over 20 entries and four instructional videos which directly communicates our work in the Arctic to a high-school audience (also applicable to adult outreach; see adult outreach). We developed a series of lecture and lab modules that can be used together or as stand-alone topics to fit within existing K-12 chemistry, biology, or earth science courses.

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