Metamorphism, Magmatism, & Plate Tectonics

In our research group, we study the processes of subduction, continental collision, crustal melting & how Earth’s system of plate tectonics has evolved through time to create the planet we live on today. We do this using the metamorphic and igneous rocks that are left behind from Earth’s ancient mountain belts.

In addition, we run a laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass-spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) laboratory for measuring rock and mineral compositions and determining their ages by U–Pb “petrochronology”. See our LA-ICP-MS laboratory page for more information.

Want to join our research group?

Prospective MS and PhD students: If you are a curious, motivated, & hard-working individual with an interest in metamorphism, geochronology, & plate tectonics, then you might be a good fit for our research group! If you are considering applying: (1) Look at my research page (Research) and read through some of our published work (Publications) to learn more about the work we do. (2) Read about our department’s graduate program: Application information and Tips for applying. (3) Send me an email including: your name, a brief bit of your background, why you are interested in graduate school, what about my group’s research interests you, a resume/CV, & an informal transcript/list of classes you have taken.

Undergraduates: If you are an undergraduate and possibly interested in doing some work with our research group, send me an email. In your email, please include who you are (if we haven’t met yet), the classes you have taken, & what you are looking for in a research experience (if you know). I can’t guarantee that I will have a research opportunity for you, but I am always happy to talk.

Postdocs: If you are interested in doing postdoctoral research with our group, contact me. Include your name, your background, your research interests and goals, why you want to do postdoc research with me, a resume/CV, & any funding (or plans for funding) you might have.