Research on Complexity

This page provides an introduction to the sciences of complexity from the perspective of a social scientist. Research on complexity need not be hard to understand and jargon filled. See, for example, my paper “Computational Models From A To Z.”

Complex Adaptive Systems: An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life (with John Miller) Princeton University Press 2007
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Survey Papers
Computational Models from A to Z in Complexity
Agent Based Models in The Handbook of Law and Economics
Agent Based Models in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics

Academic Writings
Computational Public Economics in Journal of Public Economic Theory (with Ken Judd)
Computational Models in Political Economy in Handbook of Mathematical Economics (with Ken Kollman)
Path Dependence in Quarterly Journal of Political Science
The Rule of Six in Economic Theory
The Interplay of Difference in Proceedings of Agents 2004
Uncertainty, Difficulty, and Complexity

“An Introduction to Complex Adaptive Systems”
“Emergence in Social Systems “

Netlogo Models
“Complexity in Action” (with Dan Catlin)