Credits for Creative Work

Class instructor: Elizabeth Goodenough

Director of soundscapes: Anja H. Bieri

Individual soundscapes: Anna Hagerty, Emily Bodden, Irina Mondescu, Joanna Hwang, Kerrie Gillespie, Laura Amtower

Soundscapes map: Laura Amtower

All photographs except portraits: Anja H. Bieri

Portrait photographs: Breanna Hamm

Exhibition curaters: Jo Angela Oehrli, Jamie Vander Broek

Exhibition sound dome loops: Anja H. Bieri

Website: Anja H. Bieri

Many thanks also to the Shapiro Library Tech Deck and the College of LSA’s Media Center for their great support. And to Robert Grese for the continuing support and collaboration with the Nichols Arboretum. And also to Julie Piazza from Mott Children’s Hospital for taking our work further.

Liz and Anja would also like to thank Elizabeth Werbe for introducing them to each other.