What is STS?

STS is interdisciplinary. Many of the core members of our group are working toward the graduate certificate in STS, and all have completed the STS core course, giving us a shared vocabulary and set of methods on which to draw. Newcomers to the field are welcome at all of our events; we seek to make STS as accessible and comprehensible as possible.

What sort of things does STS address? Science and Technology Studies deals with issues of scientific authority, credibility, and specialization; the production of expertise and knowledge; the embedding of values into technical or scientific processes; technological mediation; empirical techniques and objectivity in scientific practice; the construction of taxonomies, standards, and quantitative methods; the politics of data collection; and other material and social processes that intertwine in the world. Critical questions asked by STS have value to disciplines such as history, information science, sociology, economics, anthropology, literature, psychology, environmental studies, biology, philosophy, architecture, and of course engineering and the “hard” sciences. Indeed, students from of the science and engineering disciplines are especially encouraged to join us in expanding our understanding of contemporary issues in science and technology.

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