Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Taraz Leeheadshot

Asst. Prof. of Psychology
Research Interests: Cognitive Control, Skilled Action, Motivation, Choking Under Pressure






Graduate Student


Tyler Adkins (

Graduate Program: Psychology, Ph.D.
Area: Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
Year: 2
Undergraduate Degrees: B.A. in Philosophy and B.A in Cognitive Science (Honors)
Research Topics of Interests: Goal-directed control of attention and movement, conscious awareness, predictive processing
Research Methods of Interest: fMRI, TMS, computational modeling, behavioral testing, philosophical analysis

Curriculum Vitae: Curriculum Vitae (April 2018)


Lab Manager


IMG_2132Bradley Gary (

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, Spanish minor, Baylor University, 2012

Research Interests: Cognition and cognitive control differences in pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders

Goals: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, doing research in a clinical setting

Curriculum Vitae: CV February 2017




Undergraduate Research Assistants



Brendan Duff (
Lab Member: 2018-present

Major: Computer Science, Cognitive Science
Year: Junior
Goals: I am interested in all things related to the brain, consciousness, and artificial intelligence. I hope to gain a further understanding of the pre-frontal cortex specifically and the methods used to study it. After my undergraduate degree, I plan to further my education in either neuroscience, cognitive science, machine learning, or a related field.





Amanda Hsu (
Lab Member: 2018-present

Major: Psychology
Year: Junior
Goals: I am interested in developing a deeper understanding of research methods and expanding my research skills, especially programming in Python and running statistical analysis in R. My research interests include enhancing employee performance and developing health care technology to improve workplace wellness.





Sara Pisanelli (
Lab Member: 2018-present

Major: Cognitive Science and Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN)
Year: Junior
Goals: I am interested in the way that we as humans think, process, and react to the world. I want to look at how we can use this knowledge to create and improve on our current capabilities with artificial intelligence, as well as how information and techniques used in artificial intelligence can help us learn about the human mind. In the future, I hope to attend graduate school, once I have finished my undergrad degree.





Junior Research Assistant

Dr. Taliyah Lily Mangi-Lee
 Ph.D. in Infant Behavior

Area: Childhood Development
Year: >1
Undergraduate Degrees: B.S. in Birthing and Childhood Development, Minor in Milk Nutrition
Research Topics of Interests: How babies learn to crawl, talk, and walk
Goals and Ambitions: Computational modeling of neuronal networks, becoming the next Supreme Court Justice, possibly playing professional basketball, and/or becoming the President of the United States


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Past CoCoA Lab Members

Past Undergraduate Research Assistants:


  • Sean Anderson; Lab member during 2017-18 (Class of 2020)
  • Ross Kempner; Lab member during 2018 (Class of 2021)
  • Jonathan Hochberg; Lab member during 2017-18 (Class of 2020)
  • Sari Muallem; Lab member during 2017-18 (Class of 2020)
  • Rebecca O’Brien; Lab member during 2017-18 (Class of 2020)
  • Julia Meng; Lab member during 2017 (Class of 2019)
  • Tyler Adkins; Lab member during 2015-17 (Class of 2017)
    • Current Graduate Student, Dr. Taraz Lee Lab
  • Kyle LaFollette; Lab member during 2016-17 (Class of 2017)
    • Current position: Research Specialist at the University of Arizona
  • Isabel Osgood; Lab member during 2016-17 (Class of 2018)
  • Annalise Harrison; Lab member during 2016-17 (Class of 2018)
  • Leo Zekelman; Lab member during 2016 (Class of 2016)
    • Current position: PhD Graduate Student, Speech, Hearing, Bioscience and Technology, Harvard University
  • Nick Alonso; Lab member during 2016 (Class of 2016)
    • Current position: Masters student in Philosophy at Georgia State University
  • Ermioni Carr; Lab member during 2016 (Class of 2017)
  • Caroline Anderson; Lab member during 2016 (Class of 2017)